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Buying a funeral can be expensive and confusing at an already difficult time. It is not always easy to find clear, comparable information about what things cost when considering which funeral director to work with and there can be large differences in what funeral directors charge.

Without knowing what your options are, you can end up buying funerals you cannot afford and getting into debt.

That is why Penarth Funeral Directors have signed the Fair Funerals pledge committing to the following;

  1. To recognise that funerals can be expensive and many people struggle with the cost.
  2. To help people to find funerals that are within their means.
  3. To be open about their most affordable options, including third party costs:
    • in initial conversations
    • within our price lists
    • on our website.

At Penarth Funeral Directors, we work with our families to create a truly personal and meaningful funeral to honour their loved ones while being transparent and ethical with our costing. We will always provide an itemised estimate, noting all third party costs and advising families on low cost options to fit within their personal budgets. The Estimate can change between the initial arrangement meeting and the day of the funeral when extra elements are added and requests are made. We will always provide you with an updated estimate ensuring that you are fully aware of any additional expenses required.

Things to Consider

  • Talk about your wishes now with your family and friends and consider taking out a pre-paid funeral plan. This will ensure that clear plans are in place and can provide significant savings by paying today’s prices for the funeral directors professional fees.
  • It is personal choice but it is worth noting that burial in Penarth Cemetery is comparable to cremation at Thornhill Crematorium. Council run crematoriums (Thornhill and Coychurch) are cheaper than privately run crematoriums (Barry) and certain times of the day are cheaper than others are if you able to be flexible.
  • Don’t feel rushed in to making arrangements for a funeral immediately following a death. Taking your time and considering various options will ensure that you are happy with the decisions you have made in the weeks, months and years to come.
  • Costs can vary among funeral directors, especially between small independent funeral homes and larger corporate organisations. Consider a number of options but be sure to compare like-for-like. If something isn’t included in a package offered, ask for it to be noted as an extra expense so that you are considering all associated costs. This will avoid any nasty surprises when the bill is presented.
  • There are few essential elements to a funeral – there are some things that you can do yourself if you have the time, skills and inclination. Elements such as a family member or friend of the family to lead the service, family bearers, private cars, hymn sheets and flowers can be provided by the family to keep costs down if you prefer to do it yourself.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask about a ‘Simple’ or ‘Low Cost’ Funeral if your budget doesn’t allow for a ‘Traditional’ Funeral. Why not consider taking a more active role and opting for our Family Involved Funeral.
  • Are you eligible for financial assistance? Call the DWP bereavement line on 0845 6060265 or contact the Citizens Advice Bureau to check if you are qualify for financial support. You have to be in receipt of certain benefits to meet the requirements.
  • Attendees at a funeral are more likely to remember a service that is meaningful and full of personal touches rather than any lavish expense spent so bear this in mind when arranging a funeral for your loved one or yourself.


More information can be found on the Fair Funerals website